FISH Smart Electric Pour Over Kettle

Fast: 3 minutes to boil with high speed.Consistent:Patented goose neck spout make steady vertical water flow.Accurate: STRIX TECHNOLOGY temp. controller make the accuracy reach 1 °

FISH Smart Electric Pour Over Kettle

Enjoy Coffee anytime and any where

We test several times with 1500W kettle:
Boil 500ml water to 90° just need 1.56mins
Boil 600ml water to 90° just need 2.15mins
Heating speed is faster than most of electric kettle in the market

Dual Data Display

Measure the temperature precisely
Long pressing to boil water to 100°

LED Hidden Display Design

Streamline design, and no more display window
Easy to see the data directly

swipe screen to adjust temperature

No more switch or button


Patented Goose neck Spout
Thin Spout: Easy to make thin steady 90° vertical water flow
Pelican Spout: Make strong water flow for coffee or tea

Goose neck(Thin Spout) / Pelican Spout

Ergonomically designed handle, is comfortable to grip,
inject water smoothly and easily

Easy to grip the Handle

304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
High hardness, high temperature resistance and elegant appearance

304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

Steam comes out on the side with Dual-wall designed lid to protect user's fingers

Anti-Scalding Lid

STRIX TECHNOLOGY temp. controller make the accuracy reach 1 °.
Power off automatically when the kettle dry-boiling.

STRIX TECHNOLOGY Temperature Controller

Good looking detail design, which cable is hidden make table more cleaner

Invisible cable


Q: What is the difference between smart version and Standard Version?
A : A: Smart version come with Bluetooth and WIFI function, can be connected to the phone in TIMEMORE App. The appearance of two version is same.

Q: Why does screen display abnormally?/ Why doesn’t kettles work?
A: A: Fish Smart Electric kettle work with 1500W. Please make sure to use 1500W stable power (eg, Please pay attention to the power mark when use plug board ; It is not recommended use high power electrics at the same time to avoid insufficient total power)

Q: What should I do if the kettle dry-boiling?
A: User press the start heating button by mistake when no water or water is less than minimum level of the pot, Boil-dry protection would make kettle power off automatically. Since Dry-boiling may cause damage to the temperature-sensing part in the pot, this situation is not covered by the warranty. If the kettle dry-boiling, switch off the power first, then add some water in the pot, and switch on the power when the kettles colds down.

Q: Why the screen display the temperature is higher than I set?
A: It is recommended add more than 500ml water in the pot. Since Fish Smart Electric Kettle come with 1500W, temperature controller make heating speed fast when less water in the pot.