It includes: Dripper * 1,Server * 1,Slop Basin * 1,Cup & Saucer * 1.It took 8 months to make the design
We adjusted the shapes for more than 10 times.made several prototypes and multiple samples.Finally, the beauty of coffee is perfectly interpreted in the oriental aesthetic style.

Interpret the beauty of coffee in oriental aesthetics

CO-Design with jingdezhen famous ceramic designers

Wei Tong
Shanghai RENJIAN Ceramics Spin Spin Chief Designer
Mr. Tan Dun Yaole . . Ceramic musical instruments Design maker
The design director of Genra House in Jingdezhen
Founder of the Wei design brand

The fusion of function and aesthetics

Challenging the difficulty of ceramic processes,

In order to meet professional extraction requirements,

Every angle and prism of the filter cup is precise.

Double-layer edified to make extraction temperature more constant

Designed for professional coffee extraction,
The internal prism structure is precisely designed
Conform to the principle of coffee extraction


The handle is easy for you to hold
Capacity 350mL
Round and exquisite
Pleased to enjoy it


Specially designed
Keep left water after extraction
The tray and the dripper make a whole shape like sand glass
Make the whole ceremony elegant

Water tray

Thin and light rim
Good taste
Thick body
Help keep warm
The curve of wall is sharp


Exquisite ceramic craft production
The oriental aesthetics about tea culture show the beauty of coffee
Not only a complete set of coffee equipment
It's more than artwork

In Harmony with the overall appliance

Black iron glaze - iron-like grainy texture, historic sense of strength reflects the beauty of Zen
Green Glaze - White with a little Green, historical glaze in Jingdezhen, light and elegant
Matte white - matte and warm, classical modern simplicity

Three glaze options