Chuimu Server set

We designed a set of glasses especially for specialty coffee with a looming Japanese hammer pattern
It’ s like the breeze blowing through the waves and like the bark of the old trees. It shows changing style. After brewing, you can tell its roasting degree and density initially from the color of coffee, which is also part of coffee appreciation. With Chuiwen, coffee shows the wine-like color

A complete interpretation of the beauty of specialty coffee

The Art of Light and Shadow Presentation

Taste and enjoy the glass with specialty coffee

With Chuiwen

The color of coffee shows completely just like a cup of wine

Japanese Chuiwen pattern

Chuiwen is a common texture on Japanese objects

It shows the light of diamond in the sun

It’s a special feature of Chuiwen cups

Small spout design, smooth and soft water,
Exquisite with chuiwen patterns
Interesting Irregular spout design

Smart design

High hardness and high transparency of glass can withstand a temperature difference of 160 ℃

High quality glass

Without handle: minimalist design shows the beauty of the objects
With handle: good insulation with good hand grip

With or without handle