Chestnut C/C2

Chestnut C Coffee Grinder: 2020 New item, high quality, professional, no static electricity, PCTG, perfect item for beginners

High Quality Value Grinder

Own a high quality manual coffee grinder

4 Color Options
CNC Processing sharp grinder burr to ensure longer lifespan
Dual bearings fix central shaft to ensure the fluency and consistence for the grinding

Stainless steel crank handle make grinding more smoothly
Easy to install with hexagon lock

Hexagon Lock Crank Handle

Grinder burr made of Five axis CNC. Stainless steel grinder burr hardness to HRC58
Cut beans fast and consistently

Sharp Stainless Steel Burr

Adjust the coarseness point to point by a steel ball damping structure to ensure to precise of coffee bean
Patent Number: ZI.201620488714.6

Patented Point to Point Coarseness Adjuster

PC has more higher precise processing and more lighter weight

Combine Aluminum alloy and PC

Checkered pattern make skid-proof and comfortable gripping experience

Checkered Pattern Design

Multiple color schemes with aluminum

Aluminum Bean Canister