BLACK MIRROR Basic Coffee Scale

“Black”Technology for Pour Over Coffee.Combined drip stand and coffee scale

For Espresso and Pour-over

High precise sensor to guarantee accuracy

Accuracy of 0.1g for reliable Data
Min : 0.5G Max: 2KG

Based on Black Mirror’ s design style

Elegant cube is like a piece of jade
Minimal design with aesthetic

Fully functional assistant

Convenient timing
Easily control the coffee brewing
For both espresso and pour over

Delicate matte new touch
Prevent scratching
No more fingerprint marks

Scratch-resistant matte texture

1600mAh high-capacity lithium battery
10-hour long-lasting battery life guarantee
Type C Charging port

High quality with rigorous tests

Accuracy up to 0.1g
Precise timing
3-second standby auto-shutdown

Accurate performance

High temperature insulation and waterproof and non-slip function
Keep the surface free of water stains and dirt

Waterproof Silicone pad for insulation

at the bottom
It gets repaired quickly for a sudden failure

RESET button to restart it

LED backlight display screen
Easy to read data in bright and low light

LED backlight display


1. The use of fast charging function power supply,
It is recommended to charge it with a 5V 1A-2A adapter
2. Place it on a horizontal and smooth surface.
3. Do not use during charging.
4. This product is powered by a lithium battery. DO NOT charge after its power is used up. It’ s recommended to charge it in time after you use it.
If the battery is used up, there will be 10 min protection time during which you are not able to start it.
5.When timing is off, it will standby 3 min then shut down automatically.
When timing is on but there is no change of weight, it will shut down in 15 min.
6. The surface of scale is waterproof. But DO NOT make liquid enter the gap between shells and charging port.
7. The internal structure of the equipment is precise and it’ s prohibited to uninstall it.
8.It’ s 1 year warranty except private uninstallation or human damage.
9. It’ s an accessory for coffee brewing. DO NOT use it for trade settlement and other occasions.